Friday, June 25, 2010

30 Nights of Salad - Day 11

Beans again! You know the song right? heh heh - I can't help but make a little joke, but in all seriousness beans are full of fiber, folate and B vitamins! This is why I make the effort to include beans in as many dishes as I possibly can. Tonight we used beans as our main source of protein and added a salsa type of flare to it by using corn and tomatoes too! I wonder how a little cilantro would have went with this? Ah well, next time. Here's what I did - easy peesy:

Beans (I used dry pinto beans, soaked and cooked them. See here)
1 can of corn, "cooked" in a little butter, salt, pepper and garlic powder
1 Roma Tomato, diced
1 Roasted Red Pepper, chopped
Green leaf lettuce, chopped
***I added some wonton crisps to mine and did not use salad dressing - the corn was moist and had a little "sauce" from the cooking so that was just fine.

This was one of our best salads yet and it took so little preparation. I think that this is the secret behind our success so far - it's so easy to do and requires so little effort that we want to do it. I think that we prefer to do it now too! Always feel free to add your own twist or take something out/add something in. Enjoy!

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