Friday, June 18, 2010

30 Nights of Salad - Day 4

So I learned a very important lesson last night - if I intend to keep up with my goal, I am going to have to have some things prepped in advance. We went to a charity concert last night for Project People Foundation and it was amazing. There were spoken word artist, a Jazz group that did a cover of John Coltrane's "Afro Blue", and an amazing soul singer named Somi. She was amazing and I can't wait to buy her CD. So when we got home, I was exhausted and honestly not that hungry. So I cheated and had an ENSURE for dinner. Yeah - I know but at least it wasn't a cheeseburger! So tonight, I'm back with it and cooked up something fantastic! We still had chicken breast that was seasoned, so I rolled it in Panko Flakes and fried it in corn oil. Are you screaming YIKES right now because it's fried - I understand. But our goals aren't just to lose weight, but also to be healthier and a little fried food never hurt anybody! Besides the chicken it was a basic salad, but we're both full & happy! Check out the picture and here's the recipe:

-Greenleaf lettuce
-Roma Tomatoes, chopped
-Scallions, chopped
-Chicken breast fried in Panko Flakes*

-I added a bit of creamy italian dressing to mine along with some crispy onions and got down! Fantastic!

*Panko Flakes are a Japanese style of bread crumbs, if you can't find these, just use plain breadcrumbs.

Enjoy and please feel free to post suggestions!

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